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Calling Cplex from R through a MPS-like file

I have a working - and long - R code to generate a mps file to be read by cplex. Because I work with large instances I am finding troubles (too much time) in producing a large mps file. Is there a way ...
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General integer variables in the MPS format

Is it possible to specify an integer-constrained variable without any bounds in the MPS format? I am reading and ...
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Migrates between solvers

I would like to know if there is a way to migrate the model from A to another solver. For example, lets say i have done built my model in gurobipy and would like to migrates into pyomo. Is there a way?...
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SoPlex basis file format

I'm running SoPlex from the command line to solve some linear programming problems. I'd like to get the basis of the solution, so I use the --writebas flag. However,...
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Standard Form for LP and MPS

Is there any way I could have Gurobi/CPLEX or any other package write/export MPS and LP files in the standard LP construct loaded with slack variables and transformations required for unsigned vars? ...
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Convert MPS file to the associated MIP model

I have a huge mps file and would like to get the associated MIP model, i.e., the objective, constraint, and bounds. Is there any tools that could get that?
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