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Unique values constraint in Pulp

Can we directly model following constraint in pulp x != y as following: ...
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The dual values and change in the variables values

For a constraint as Ax <= b, the dual shows the change in the objective function if the RHS increases by 1 unit. Now my question is that how we can determine how the optimal values will change by 1 ...
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How to change the variable bound from an interval to its lower and upper bound in JuMP?

When I read a model from a ".mps" file using "read_from_file" in JuMP and print it, I find that many bounds are written in the interval format like "x \in [0, 1]". I want ...
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Combination of lagrangian relaxation and column generation

I am solving an integrated scheduling problem and have dealt with coupling constraints using Lagrangian relaxation to decompose the problem into two separate problems. However, it is still difficult ...
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Migrates between solvers

I would like to know if there is a way to migrate the model from A to another solver. For example, lets say i have done built my model in gurobipy and would like to migrates into pyomo. Is there a way?...
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Negative values for b-vector (RHS) for LP solvers

Say we have a constraint: $$x-2y+z \ge 3 \tag{1}$$ Typically to actually solve it, we would need to introduce a surplus variable and an artificial variable: $$ x-2y+z-s+a=3 \tag{2}$$ However, is it ...
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How can I reformulate an LP whose variables are linked to other LPs?

I consider an LP ($LP^*$) having an objective function defined as follows: $$\max_{x, y} \sum_{i \in I} p_i(x_i) - \sum_{j \in J} q_j(y_j)$$ where $x_i = \sum_{k \in [m]} x_{ik}$ and $y_j = \sum_{l \...
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Docplex : How can I get the objective value of the relaxation of an MILP?

I want to solve a relaxed version of a MILP; I am using I found LinearRelaxer in , however I keep getting this error message: model model1: found 1 un-relaxable ...
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