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For questions involving mathematical problems that aim to minimize or maximize some objective function, possibly subject to one or more constraints.
For questions about mathematical optimization problems involving both continuous and binary or general integer variables.
For questions related to problems that optimize (i.e., minimize or maximize) a linear objective subject to linear constraints.
For questions related to the process of converting a real-world problem into a mathematical model. Can include questions related to linearization, logical constraints, tightness of formulations, and s…
For questions about solving Operations Research problems using the Python programming language.
For questions about mathematical optimization problems involving binary or general integer variables.
Questions related to the commercial solver IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio.
231 questions
Questions related to the commercial solver Gurobi Optimizer.
For questions related to constraints, i.e. any restriction or relation a set of decision variables has to satisfy.
For questions about optimization over a discrete solution space.
205 questions
For questions about mathematical optimization problems involving a nonlinear objective function and/or nonlinear constraints.
For questions related to techniques for converting nonlinear expressions in optimization models into equivalent (or approximately equivalent) linear ones.
For questions asking for references from the literature or textbooks on specific topics.
For questions related to software designed to solve very general classes of optimization problems to guaranteed optimality.
182 questions
For questions related to the Python optimization modeling package Pyomo. Pyomo is a Python-based open-source software package that supports a diverse set of optimization capabilities for formulating, …
For questions about methods that assign resources to work requests (e.g. processor time to tasks) usually minimizing some cost measure (e.g. makespan).
154 questions
Convex optimization, a subfield of optimization, studies the problem of minimizing convex functions over convex sets. The convexity property can make optimization in some sense "easier" than the gener…
150 questions
For questions on modeling satisfaction or optimization problems in languages designed for expressing (often high-level) constraints on decision variables.
140 questions
For questions that involve variables than can only take on one of two values, usually 0 or 1.
127 questions
For questions related to optimization problems for routing vehicles through a set of nodes, especially the vehicle routing problem (VRP) and its variants.
126 questions
Questions related to or-tools, Google's open-source software suite for optimization
117 questions
For questions about constraints that can be expressed in (usually propositional) logic.
102 questions
For questions on quadratic programming, methods to solve them and related solvers. Use this tag along with (optimization).
92 questions
For questions related to graphs, a mathematical object consisting of a set of nodes with edges connecting certain pairs of them.
90 questions
For questions related to the design or implementation of algorithms (exact or heuristic) for solving optimization problems.
88 questions
For questions related to the formulation or solution methodologies of network flow problems. Some of the well-known network flow problems are maximum flow problem, minimum-cost flow problem, and multi…
82 questions
For questions related to the traveling salesman problem (TSP), which seeks, for a given set of nodes, the shortest path that visits every node and returns to the starting node.
71 questions
For questions related to algorithms expected to produce good solutions, with no guarantee of optimality, in relatively short computation time.
70 questions
For questions about the theoretical runtime needed for solving computational problems, often measured in the size of the input. This includes questions about whether polynomial time algorithms exist, …
68 questions
For questions about non-convex optimization problems where the objective or any of the constraints are non-convex.
68 questions
For questions on duals of (primal) mathematical programs that optimize the complementary bound. When minimizing, for example, primal solutions are upper bounds, and dual solutions lower bounds on the …
64 questions
Questions on problems whose solution space are one-to-one mappings between two sets.
64 questions
For questions about optimization problems in which one or more parameters are stochastic, with known probability distributions or discrete scenarios. The goal is often, but not always, to minimize or …
63 questions
Questions on general heuristic strategies that can be instantiated for a specific problem to obtain a heuristic.
62 questions
Multi-objective optimization is an area of multiple criteria decision making that is concerned with mathematical optimization problems involving more than one objective function to be optimized simult…
62 questions
Questions related to the IBM Decision Optimization CPLEX (docplex) which is designed for modeling and solving optimization problems in Python.
58 questions
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