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Big LP program to be submitted to NEOS Server (union-closed sets conjecture)

I have a big LP program with around $91,000$ variables and $2,900,000$ constraints. They are all binary variables, but I want to try also relaxing the problem putting $0 \le x \le 1$ bounds. I am not ...
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Canonical Form of Mixed Integer Program

I could use some help understanding what's going on here. Admittedly, I am not strong in OR, but I don't fully understand the format shown below. Is it possible somebody could format this in the type ...
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SoPlex basis file format

I'm running SoPlex from the command line to solve some linear programming problems. I'd like to get the basis of the solution, so I use the --writebas flag. However,...
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Translate LP format to Numpy matrices

We have a large-scale optimization problem (~10K vars and ~10K constraints) in the form of LP format file (generated using Cplex ...
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