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Logistics refers to the overall process of managing how resources are acquired, stored, and transported to their final destination.

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How to compute the time required to transport one unit of flow on a given path?

My question is related to freight transportation, but I am stuck on the logic. So, I am considering a path between two points $(a, b)$ where I am sending $n$ trucks where the capacity/truck is $k$. ...
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What is dynamic facility location problem ans how to formulate the same? Please help [closed]

Please explain how the problem solution looks like. basically I want model to dynamically give me multiple facility locations for a given demand.
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VRP book recommendations

I am looking for a book recommendation on the VRP and variants. I am encountering VRP-like problems more and more in my work and would appreciate a reference.
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What's the current status of the Vehicle Routing Problem in the logistics industry?

After a bit of reading I think I've been able to conclude that state-of-the-art VRP can get solutions for 100~500 stops. My question is around how this actually affects logistics (like Amazon for ...
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Sensible and realistic way to model truck based transport costs depending on amount

Different kinds of problems involve transporting an amount $x$ from A to B which results in a cost $c(x)$ in the objective function. Traditionally, often linearized costs are used to get an easy, ...
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