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Deploying optimization model to production environment

I have developed an inventory optimization model for my warehouse and I want to know, how to validate this model, perform User acceptance testing and deploy it to production environment?
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How to distinguish between the different roles / titles in industry?

I have been working in the data science and operations research industry for a while now. Since about 2.5 years, I work in the IT department of a startup and my role is fully focussed on putting ...
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Optimize selection of metal sheets to keep in stock

I already asked this on stack overflow but just found this forum instead and figured it was more suited here. If this isn't allowed please feel free to tell me and I'll delete the post. I am doing ...
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What is the ACM Queue for operations research (or sub-disciplines)?

In his 2016 Usenix presentation Bryan Cantrill highlighted an issue with how conferences work in operating system research. He mentioned an alternative format called Queue by ACM which he describes as ...
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Softwares for Operations Research. Is Excel Outdated or Useless for the OR industry?

I am looking over for softwares recommendation in Introduction to Operations Research Hillier 11th, there are tens of options for learn and apply OR theory using software. I normally check how much ...
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Is Hillier F. Introductory to Operations Research a good book for a data analyst interested in Operation Research field?

Is Hillier F. Introduction to Operations Research a good book for a data analyst? I was particularly interested in Operations Research especially when I was reading about the history about this area: ...
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11 votes
6 answers

How can I do the jump from academia to industry?

While looking through the job offerings, I noticed that everybody seems to be looking for experienced professionals, senior engineers, or at least three years of industry experience. Was this just a ...
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Reference request — fishery yield optimization

I'm looking for references to do a review of research on managing fisheries in industry. I've seen adaptions of population growth models which include some harvesting constant or function and was ...
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4 answers

How to reduce the risk of wrong modelling in OR industry projects?

In my experience many OR Industry projects contains at least one person with background in OR (who is not familiar with the technical background) and at least one person from industry with the ...
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12 answers

MATLAB vs. Python in industry

I am a beginning PhD student in math, and I would like to focus on optimization. I am learning programming for the first time, and I have written out some rudimentary optimization algorithms in both ...
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Are Python and Julia used for optimization in industry?

I am giving a small computer exercise that aims at teaching students the basics of a modelling language to model small optimization problems. So far I have been using the modelling language GAMS as ...
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What's the current status of the Vehicle Routing Problem in the logistics industry?

After a bit of reading I think I've been able to conclude that state-of-the-art VRP can get solutions for 100~500 stops. My question is around how this actually affects logistics (like Amazon for ...
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39 votes
9 answers

What are the reasons OR industry projects fail?

You probably have done some OR projects within the industry or - if you are in academia - for the industry. I'm wondering if you've seen some patterns of why such projects fail (or at least do not ...
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What are the main differences between Operations Research in the academic world, in the enterprise world and in the government world?

For anyone who's been on both sides of the fence: how does academic OR differ from OR in enterprises or governments?
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30 votes
17 answers

Recommended books/materials for practical applications of Operations Research in industry

I have a Masters' degree in Mathematics. I've very fair understanding of methods and techniques of Operations Research. I am looking for a good book/material where I can see a lot of examples on Math ...
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