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Questions tagged [logistics]

Logistics refers to the overall process of managing how resources are acquired, stored, and transported to their final destination.

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How to compute the time required to transport one unit of flow on a given path?

My question is related to freight transportation, but I am stuck on the logic. So, I am considering a path between two points $(a, b)$ where I am sending $n$ trucks where the capacity/truck is $k$. ...
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Multi Commodity VRP Time Windows Paper

I have been wondering is there any paper that who discuss multi commodity with four index/indices like this formulation below: $$ \begin{gathered} \sum_{k} \sum_{c} F_{j, j, c, k}=1 \quad \forall j \\ ...
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Preprocessing Time Windows Width in Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP)

I think my model takes much time because the time windows width given the problem i want to solve. Here is the time matrix: ...
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Determine (in 2 iterations)

A company following the reorder level policy has the following costs associated with a given product: ordering cost of 100 monetary units (u.m.) per order; stock holding cost of 12 u.m. per unit per ...
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During a disaster response, operating cost of temporary logistics facilities should be how many times the step up cost of these facilities?

I am optimizing a multi-stage optimization model for disaster response relief delivery. In this regard, I want to know the realistic values of cost parameters related to the operating and setup costs ...
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