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Solving a Variant of Bin Packing

Besides the mentioned answer, there are also two possible ways. The first is to suppose each partition with its associated fixed block size as a separate bin. In this way, the problem can be ...
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Conditional binary programming

Suppose $0 \le b^n_{it} \le M^n_{it}$ for some constant $M^n_{it}$. Introduce binary decision variable $y_{it}$ to indicate whether $b^n_{it} > 0$. Now impose linear constraints \begin{align} y_{...
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Unique values constraint in Pulp

Will this work as intended? No. Try it out and use model.writeLP("nonsense.lp") to verify what PuLP does with this. This is a good debugging tool in ...
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Solving a Variant of Bin Packing

I do not think that any greedy heuristic can be guaranteed to find an optimal solution. One possible greedy approach is as follows. Sort the items into non-increasing order (largest items first, since ...
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How to model this constraint in a better way?

Why don't you define the follwing variables $x_{ij}:=\{0,1\}$ if user i assigned to machine j to use these constraints, $\sum_j x_{ij}\geq 1$ for each user i at least one machine assigned to each ...
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