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Move circles from initial positions such that they do not overlap and total shift is minimized

Assuming you want to avoid overlapping interiors (for example, concentric circles would not be allowed), you can solve the problem via (nonconvex) nonlinear programming as follows. Let $(\bar{x}_i,\...
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How to do the scaling to remove bias in QP problem?

If $x$ is binary vector, you have $x^T D x = d^T x$ for any diagonal matrix $D$ with diagonal $d$. This has two important consequences: You can assume Q to be convex without loss of generality. In ...
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Understanding DEA better

If you are willing to know about DEA, there are lots of useful materials which can be found by googling. Some of the best ones are: DEA Tranining and Courses DATA ENVELOPMENT ANALYSIS WITH GAMS ...
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Forecasting based inventory management

In the practical situation, as far as I know, there are lots of manufacturing companies that even have not tried yet to close to this concept. In many cases, they only determined a simple point of ...
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I have found so many tools that can solve optimization problems, I want to know which workflow is the best or the most practical?

As was mentioned in the rest of the answers, there is no right framework. It depends greatly on the problem you are trying to solve, your skills, etc. Said that if I need to solve a big problem and/or ...
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