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From July 2018 until October 2023, I was a Community Manager for Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow. Posts created on this account during that time are a combination of both my official work and my personal opinions about how this platform works or could work.

While I wish I could have continued my time here, that was out of my hands when I was laid off with 28% of the company. I wish the best to my fellow CMs and I hope they're able to continue doing the best they can - as they already were. This is a wonderful place and there's so much potential if we can all work towards it together.

Prior to my time as a CM, I was a moderator on two of the network sites - Interpersonal Skills and Arts & Crafts, both of which I supported from their launch dates until I was hired.

I have a degree in Radio-TV-Film and used to work in the film industry, mostly doing casting. Before that, I was a voice major, so I know how to make myself heard in loud places.

The small creatures in my profile image are my sons, Bennett (big) and August (little), and my hippo... Hippo (he's the grey one).

I've attempted a fair number of crafts from jewelry making to crochet and I also love to bake and cook... but mostly bake.

It's pronounced "Ka-tya". She/Her.

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