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With a proven record of accomplishment in technology and social media marketing in my 20+ years of experience, I am an ambitious and determined Senior Executive focusing on the future. With my passion, interpersonal communication skills and team-building abilities, I am able to drive profit maximization through a range of business strategies and focus on increasing revenue while strengthening business relationships and partnerships.

My area of expertise is streamlining business operations through automation and process improvement to reduce costs and simplify repetitive tasks. Though my primary focus has been IT, I have expanded my vision to include the company as a whole and assisted them with automating operations. In addition, I am also passionate about simplification and minimalism. I admire the design of many seemingly unrelatesvvfdd systems that operate together in harmony in order to perform complex operations.

I am an excellent public speaker and presenter who has previously been involved in musical projects performing before hundreds of people. As comfortable as I am performing music for large crowds, I am equally as comfortable with presenting.

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