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Feeding known lower bounds to solvers

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Infeasibility in mathematical optimization models

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Are there any OR challenges that are similar to Kaggle's competitions?

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How to determine if a given problem seems to be a good fit to be solved using combinatorial Benders decomposition

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Why is it important to choose big-M carefully and what are the consequences of doing it badly?

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How to get the best bound of large LP problems in CPLEX?

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Performance of a branch and bound algorithm VS branch-cut-heuristics

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How to change the search strategy in a B&B framework, i.e., start with depth first and then continue with best node?

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Well-known parent/child pairs in the field of OR

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Modeling floor function exactly

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How could we simplify solving the large scale MIPs without using any advanced methods like decompositions?

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Applicability of Lagrange Multipliers in the analysis of large-scale MILPs?

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Solving ATSP problem for large-scale problem

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Might you know any simple puzzles similar to $n$ queens? Anything parametrized worth running to a constraint solver?