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Web Development : AngularJS, Angular, Bootstrap, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, razor, CSS3

Mobile Development : IONIC, Cordova

Server/API Development : NodeJS, php, Laravel, CakePHP, firebase

UI Component Libraries : PrimeNG, Kendo-UI, Ngx-bootstrap, Angular-Material, angular-material2

Databases : MongoDB, MySQL

CMS : WordPress, Magento, Joomla, CRM


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I have a belief that theory teaches us nothing, its actual implementation does. I am set out on a journey of implementing hard earned IT skills to write amazing lines of code. Loving every bit of my work, I am also a music freak & an ardent traveler.

I am a Creative Mobile & Web Full Stack Developer at 4+ years of experience. Developer who knows the value of time, very hard working and always delivers the work on time. I am definitely trying to earn a good living through my good developer skills.

Along with this I have been using front end frameworks like Angular 8, AngularJS and ReactJS for web development. I have worked with various UI frameworks like Bootstrap, Material Design, Foundation and W3CSS. I have also worked with UI Component Libraries such as PrimeNG, Kendo UI, Ngx-bootstrap, Angular-Material 2. I also contribute on Open sources portals for improving code quality, features and debugging problems other developers have.


I have a belief that theory teaches us nothing, its actual implementation does. :)

Keep silence and let the Keyboard make all the Noise..!! :)

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