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How to avoid having your optimization models rusting?
17 votes

Here are a couple lessons I've learned over the years on this problem. This is in addition to Tue Christensen's answer--there are lots of reasons your problem can "rust." First, if you can formulate ...

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Recommended books/materials for practical applications of Operations Research in industry
11 votes

We wrote a book on Supply Chain Network Design. It is meant to be a practical guide to that problem. It starts with a simple network design formulation and then adds more to it throughout the book. ...

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Make a living as a math programming freelancer?
9 votes

I like Sean Kelly’s response. I’ll just add a few points to this. Over my career, I’ve worked in small to large firms, always close to OR. And, I’ve run into quite a few people who have been ...

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AI gets a lot of attention these days. Does constraint optimization get more attention, too? Why (not)?
6 votes

This is an interesting question. One way that I'm thinking about this question is to look at how companies are actually using the term AI. I wrote blog post arguing that AI is being used by industry ...

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Book recommendations on OPL
3 votes

Here is a book that Pete Cacioppi wrote to teach OPL and optimization as it relates to network design models. It was meant for beginners. It uses a network design problem as the example, but you don't ...

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