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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

For questions related to the absolute value function, particularly as it is modeled in optimization problems.
9 questions
For questions relating to Operations Research in academic settings.
17 questions
0 questions
For questions related to the design or implementation of algorithms (exact or heuristic) for solving optimization problems.
102 questions
For questions related to the algebraic modeling language AMPL.
33 questions
For questions referring to an Application Programming Interface (API) that performs or used to support Operations Research or OR-related functions. Do not use this tag for a general problem with a non…
13 questions
For questions asking for real-world applications of specific concepts.
46 questions
For questions asking about approximation algorithms. Also includes approximation schemes, PTAS and FPTAS.
19 questions
Questions on problems whose solution space are one-to-one mappings between two sets.
80 questions
For questions related to a class of bilevel optimization problems called attacker-defender problems, in which an attacker attempts to disrupt a system (e.g. increase the travel times on edges in a net…
1 question
7 questions
For questions related to inventory policies in which we "order up to" a given level, called the base-stock level. Questions may related to base-stock policies, base-stock levels, or optimization there…
3 questions
For questions about standard test instances for evaluating the performance of Operations Research models or algorithms.
20 questions
For questions related to Benders decomposition, a type of optimization algorithm in which certain variables are optimized in a "master problem," the values of those variables are fixed, the remaining …
84 questions
For questions related to the use of a "big M" (large constant) in a mathematical modeling context, either in the objective function (to initialize the simplex method) or in constraints (to formulate l…
67 questions
For questions related to optimization problems in which one decision maker (the "leader") chooses decision variables, then a second decision maker (the "follower") chooses decision variables in respon…
14 questions
For questions that involve variables than can only take on one of two values, usually 0 or 1.
165 questions
24 questions
For questions about obtaining upper or lower bounds for certain values, usually for an optimization objective.
32 questions
For questions related to the branch-and-bound method for integer programming problems, which recursively divides the solution space and identifies upper and lower bounds on the optimal objective funct…
54 questions
Questions on algorithms that combine branch-and-bound search and the generation of cutting planes.
24 questions
13 questions
For questions about solving Operations Research problems using the C++ programming language.
56 questions
For questions on interfaces between a solver library and applications that allow to call user code at specific points in the solving process (e.g. on finding a new solution).
26 questions
16 questions
Cellular automaton consists of a regular grid of cells, each in one of a finite number of states, such as on and off (in contrast to a coupled map lattice).
1 question
For questions on constraints over random variables that need to be satisfied with a given probability.
10 questions
For questions relating to the Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research (COIN-OR).
11 questions
Questions on algorithms that solve mathematical models by generating columns (variables) in the pricing step during solution on demand.
86 questions
For questions about optimization over a discrete solution space.
For questions about the study of finite or countable discrete structures, especially how to count or enumerate elements in a set (perhaps of all possibilities) or any subset. It includes questions on …
8 questions
1 question
0 questions
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