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Real world consideration: Time to reach a customer should take into account road network layout and traffic considerations (which are time dependent). In addition to the suggestions in other answers and comments, you might want to look at the vehicle routing problem with time windows.


This is a variant of a workforce scheduling and routing problem. Here are two recent surveys where you can find variants, resolution methods and applications: "Workforce scheduling and routing problems: literature survey and computational study" (Castillo-Salazar et al., 2016) DOI "Routing and scheduling in Home Health Care: A literature ...


You might want to read the paper DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF THE SAVINGS METHOD FOR THE TIME LIMITED VEHICLE ROUTING PROBLEM[1] which gives time complexities between $O(n^3)$ and $O(n^2\log(n))$ note that in these complexity analysis the number of nodes not nodes as $n$. The reason why it is $n^2$ and not $n$ is this part of the algorithm: Taken from EOR 151 – ...


Can't speak on CP to model this but we have solved this by employing Graph Theory to model all the given constraints of yours and more on real data. Your constraints resemble the Hamiltonian Paths Problem and in our implementation we didn't have to go as far as employing CP, MIP or any solver because we understand the instance. The way I see it, it is a ...

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