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Thanks to the support of Bill Cook, it is now available a version of qsopt.a for the M1 Apple Chip on the QSOPT download page. This perfectly worked for me by run ./configure --host=darwin --with-qsopt=fullpath/QS


These CH work: Nearest Neighbor First Fit, First Fit Decreasing, Strongest Fit, Strongest Fit Decreasing Cheapest Insertion, Regret Insertion Christofides algorithm (doesn't really deal well with extra constraints) Clarke-Wright algorithm (more for vanilla VRP, doesn't really deal well with extra constraints) Cook's book "In Pursuit of the Traveling ...


As in some of the other answers, using the TSP to teach column generation is perhaps not your best choice, since the columns are abstract mathematical structures (e.g. matchings) which are not as intuitive as for instance the columns (routes) in a CG for VRP. If you insist on using the TSP as your CG example, the following document might be helpful as it ...


The closest example that I could find in the literature is the following paper. The authors compared a special case of their problem when there are only two stations in the assembly line to a BTSP. I think it is a good place to start a deeper search in the applications. Delorme, Xavier, et al. "Minimizing the number of workers in a paced mixed-model ...

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