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Adopt constraint formulation

Maybe try something like: $$\sum_{j=t}^{t+F-1}(1-y_{ij})\geq F\cdot (y_{i(t-1)}-y_{it})\quad \forall i\in I, t\in \{2,\ldots,T-F+1\}$$.
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Improve a heuristic to solve the MS-RCPSP

It is very hard problem and very limited number of papers can really help. Probably exact solvers using optional intervals are a way to go with a few thousands of tasks.
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Improve a heuristic to solve the MS-RCPSP

Check this review. There are several papers referenced that could help you to find a good method to solve it. This is also a good paper to check.
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General convention for demand determination

You should checkout this question. The answers state that often Poisson distributions are used due to nice properties and as they are often quite good representations of actual demand arrival patterns....
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Identifying the minimum number of required machines to schedule jobs

This thread is already a year old, but let me add a comment anyways. The machine minimization problem is actually quite well studied, but some interesting open problems remain. The problem: There is ...
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