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Best known results on the flexible jobshop benchmarks

The recent FJSP overview paper by Dauzère-Pérès et al. (2024) has a list of best-known solutions for classical FJSP instances in their supplementary materials. However, they did not include results ...
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Workforce scheduling problem difficulty

You could run a solver for a short time, to evaluate the score of that output on feasibility (broken hard constraints) or unassigned shifts, but even that will take solving time. In practice, when ...
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Problem 8.17 of Korte and Vygen

This could be seen as a graph coloring problem. The nodes are the possible flights. Draw an edge between two nodes if they are incompatible (how would they be incompatible?) Then find an optimal ...
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Problem 8.17 of Korte and Vygen

Hints: This exercise comes from a chapter on network flow. Source and sink Directed arcs Split node $i$ and replace with arc from $i$ to $i’$ with lower bound $1$. Minimize cost. A few links that ...
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Scheduling: Connecting the end and the beginning of the planning horizon

You can take time indexes mod $T$ to make it work. Rewrite the first constraint as $$ \sum_{d=t-6}^t \,\sum_{k\in K} x_{i,d\bmod T,k} \le 6 \quad \forall i\in I, t\in \lbrace 1,\dots, T\rbrace.$$ So, ...
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