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Is this classed as a version of jobshop? How should it be approached?

It's definitely a job-shop variant. Usually we use the terms "release time" and "deadline". See the job characteristics list here:
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How to define the sequence depending setup time based on a time index formulation

Here is a way to model sequence-dependent setup times for a time-indexed formulation: $$ \forall j, j' \in J, j \neq j' \quad \forall m \in M, \quad \forall t \in T, \qquad x_{j, m, t} + \sum_{t' = t +...
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Formulation for choosing how many items to manufacture

If you need both $x$ and $y$ in the model, a third option is to enforce \begin{align} y_{m,p,s} &\ge x_{m,p,s} \\ y_{m,p,s} &\le \text{PartsPerShift}_p x_{m,p,s} \end{align} This modification ...
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How to fill the days in sequence?

\begin{array}{ll} \text{minimize} & \sum_{i} y_i \\ \text{subject to} \\ & \sum_{i} h_i = 20 \\ & h_i \ge h_{i+1}, \forall i \in \{1,2,3\} \\ & 8y_i \ge h_i, \forall i \\ & h_i \...
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