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Gurobipy MILP model comes infeasible yet can't compute IIS because "the model is feasible"

This model is likely on the borderline between feasibility and infeasibility. The algorithm used to determine feasibility in the solver is different than the algorithm used in IIS, and may reach a ...
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What are some of the key features that are currently absent in open-source AMLs like Pyomo, JuMP, Gurobipy

Pulp is missing the Python Cplex Piecewize feature, and IF/ELSE features. Caylie Cincera has a nice video about this, she does a Piecewize included constraints optimization using Pulp: https://www....
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GLPK solver with Pyomo, not recognizing infeasibility

This is indeed a little weird! When I run your example, I get the output from GLPK: ...
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How to use the at() method in Pyomo

The issue you have is that your output variables list has objects of different types that have different interfaces to access their data. The objects that are a kind of ...
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Pyomo disjunction

The error is because you are passing IndexedDisjuncts to the Model.rotate disjunction. The "disjunction expression" ...
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Pyomo sensitivity report access

Here is a simple example of how one can access the suffix needed for printing the dual information of the constraints and also the reduced cost of the variables: ...
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Solver options in Pyomo as long as using the NEOS solvers

Have you tried passing options using a dictionary like: ...
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Using CPLEX academic version with Pyomo on MacOS

To run CPLEX on MacOS use the code: solver = SolverFactory('cplex', executable = '/Applications/CPLEX_Studio2211/cplex/bin/x86-64_osx/cplex')
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