You can find non-linear solver binaries here. Also for academic purpose you can use SCIP which is very good. For modelling interface, SCIP has own python interface. Or you can use PYOMO for all of them with jupyter notebook. (I think you have installation problem). Or you can use Google OR-TOOLS but I don't know which solvers supported except SCIP.


I can't see the error in your question. First of all, please include the error message as well. Second, if you try to solve a nonlinear (from the tags that you mention) glpk is not a good idea. You may use ipopt if all variables are continuous. Third (again from the tags), you don't need to define bound on your variables if use whitin and you don't have an ...


First googling your Error brought me to this stackoverflow question: Pyomo: Error No value for uninitialized NumericValue object Pyomo Suspected answer there was that the problem couldn't be solved.That is something to look at. If you suspect that the model should be solvable with the data you have, you should investigate if all your constraints are ...

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