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pyomo - pass time limit to NEOS

complex Pyomo MINLP to NEOS using Couenne. So, I had to Google a bit to understand this part as I am not familiar with the package nor the NEOS service. It would be beneficial as to where in the ...
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Get a MPS file using NEOS/GAMS web interface

To create a MPS file using GAMS, you have two options as follows: Your first option is to use the CONVERT solver. AFAIK, this solver is not available on NEOS Server (see here for a list of available ...
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Is it abnormal for a model to take 8+ hours to solve?

It is highly dependent to the problem, and to the size of the instance you are solving. For example, in many scheduling problems I have dealt with, the optimal solution cannot be found within 8 hours ...
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How to get solver time from CPLEX when using the NEOS server through Pyomo?

I found it hard, using Pyomo, to get that kind of information since Pyomo's results object has a different structure depending on the solver that has been used. To ...
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Using Gurobipy and solve in Neos Server

There are some possible ways to feed a model into the Neos server: First, directly by using an LP, MPS, or some others limited format. Second, through connecting with a 3-th party solver like AMPL, ...
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Is it abnormal for a model to take 8+ hours to solve?

In my experience I have run some very large scale problems for 8+ hours with over 500K+ binary variables due computational issues because of not having larger RAMs. In around 2008, cloud computing was ...
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Is it abnormal for a model to take 8+ hours to solve?

It is totally normal for some instances to take more than hours to be solved(and that's why NEOS Server has the limitation of 8 hours for each instance to be able to serve more users). The thing that ...
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