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CPLEX and python version 3.10

No. This is not possible. You could check the detailed system requirements of CPLEX from this page. There is a pre-requisites tab after selecting the version and OS. There you would find the python ...
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Can a logical expression be added to the objective function of a model in docplex?

We can use a "big M" approach, assuming that you can find a positive constant $M$ such that $\vert y_{jk}-y_{ik} \vert \le M$ for all $k\in K$ and $(i,j)\in V.$ Introduce new binary ...
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Using CPLEX academic version with Pyomo on MacOS

To run CPLEX on MacOS use the code: solver = SolverFactory('cplex', executable = '/Applications/CPLEX_Studio2211/cplex/bin/x86-64_osx/cplex')
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