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A variant of weighted perfect bipartite matching

I don't think the monotonicity will help much, for the following reason. Start with any arbitrary assignment problem. Add a constant amount $K$ to $c_{i2}$ for all $i$, with $K$ sufficiently large to ...
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partitioning hub assignment models

Formulating as one big problem requires more memory, some way to recognize that the problem decomposes into disjoint subproblems, and some way to then solve the subproblems independently. At least ...
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Terrain Ruggedness Index for optimization problem

Yes. The ruggedness of a landscape is a measure of how much variability is observed between neighbouring solutions, and it can be computed using the landscape correlation function. Rugged landscapes (...
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partitioning hub assignment models

Cost matrixes are discussed in the book: "Assignment Problems" by Rainer Burkard, Mauro Dell'Amico, Silvano Martello (on pages 73, and 200, etc.). Yes, some parts would be unconnected (most ...
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How to determine least time required to complete all tasks?

Minimizing the sum of all assignments: this is the classical version of the assignment problem. The Hungarian algorithm solves it in polynomial time. Minimizing the maximum of all assignments: this ...
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