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Modeling an either-or-constraint

Based on the clarification about regions, it seems that all you have to do is add the constraints $$x_{ij}=0\quad\forall i\in I,j\notin J.$$ How to handle the "treat it differently" part may ...
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Modeling an either-or-constraint

You can introduce an additional binary variable $y$ that takes value $1$ if and only if at least one node from $I$ is matched with another one from $J$: \begin{align*} x_{ij} &\le y \quad \forall ...
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Impact of soft constraints in MILP

From a paper on the branch-and-cut in MILP solvers: Because cuts are often based on infeasibility, models with soft constraints that are always feasible can present unique challenges for deriving ...
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Restriction on gurobipy problem

Try m.addConstrs(x[i] <= C[i] * sum(x[j] for j in range(i)) for i in index) Python's range(n) yields an iterator from ...
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