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How to determine whether the solution is integer feasible in a CPLEX heuristic callback?

Once you have gotten the values (in the node LP solution) for all variables, you can loop through the integer variables, computing the absolute difference between the value and the nearest integer. If ...
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Why does the getTime() function from cplex concert returns wrong value?

A solution can be found here c-using-clock-to-measure-time-in-multi-threaded-programs. Since you do not limit the threads, Cplex will span as many as there are cores. You are counting the cpu time (...
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How can I change decision variable type in Concert Technologies (with Java)

The type of a variable cannot be changed. However, it can be overwritten for a particular model by adding an IloConversion object, which allows you to specify new types for variables within that model....
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Structuring an MINLP solver

First of all, I'd not use terms like slave in the 21st century. For me it's the main problem & sub-problems. Most modern solvers like Gurobi can approach MINLP using decomposition methods. The ...
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