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Problem is infeasible with Gurobi, feasible with cbc (but can't access objective value)

If I read the lp file and try solving with CPLEX: So I think your assumption is correct: the bug comes from CBC, as CPLEX and GUROBI both return infeasible. The CPLEX log also tells you which row is ...
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How do I turn off preprocessing in pulp?

You can use presolve parameter and can pass it to solver(CBC) using following statement (model is your problem object) ...
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Using CBC CLI Arguments in Pyomo

You can use opt.options['Solver parameter to change']='value'. The following is part of the code that I tried and the generated output: ...
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Best way to solve an allocation problem

I can think of a couple of ways to reduce the size of the problem, at the risk of producing suboptimal solutions. One, as Daniel Junglas suggested, it to set a nonzero threshold for affinity level, ...
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CBC stalling after approximately 10 seconds

CBC does have its fair share of bugs, especially when it comes to proper termination. If you are running in multithreaded mode try running in serial (or vice-versa), and see if that helps. If you are ...
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Deterministic termination criteria for CBC

Use different parameter such as maximum number of nodes to be checked during branching, regardless the time of execution. Hope this helps.
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Pyomo CBC 1.#j error

1.#J in C++ is the output obtained when printing a formatted double equal to infinity (1.#INF). See this related stackoverflow ...
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