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CBC does have its fair share of bugs, especially when it comes to proper termination. If you are running in multithreaded mode try running in serial (or vice-versa), and see if that helps. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can comment out all the code related to the "SIGNAL_TRAP" and recompile CBC. This helps with proper termination (...


Use different parameter such as maximum number of nodes to be checked during branching, regardless the time of execution. Hope this helps.


I can think of a couple of ways to reduce the size of the problem, at the risk of producing suboptimal solutions. One, as Daniel Junglas suggested, it to set a nonzero threshold for affinity level, and not include variables $x_{ij}$ where the affinity of customer $i$ for product $j$ is below the threshold. Another is to do a cluster analysis of the customers ...


1.#J in C++ is the output obtained when printing a formatted double equal to infinity (1.#INF). See this related stackoverflow question. The CBC gap is computed this way in CbcSolver.cpp: if (babModel_->bestSolution()) { sprintf(generalPrint + strlen(generalPrint), "Gap: %.2f\n", (babModel_->getObjValue() -...

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