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Ipopt seems to have a C# binding. From my own experience WORHP is easy to wrap in high level languages, due a variety of interfaces compatible with different programming styles. Ipopt is a local interior point solver that performs well on quadratic problems. WORHP uses as SQP algorithm, if all constraints and the objective are marked as quadratic or linear ...


the library needs to find the gurobi shared library before you can create the solver. You can set GUROBI_HOME to help. you can have callbacks, but only in c++. Look for or-tools/linear_solver/linear_solver.h. Search for callbacks.


Aside In the documentation: Adds a MIP start, defined by a range of numeric variables and corresponding values, with its name and an effort level. Namespace: ILOG.CPLEX Assembly: ILOG.CPLEX (in ILOG.CPLEX.dll) Version:


The barrier algorithm is an interior-point method i.e. it starts from a point inside the feasible region and iteratively moves towards the optimal one. This typically results in a solution that does not lie exactly at the vertex but in the interior. This is where you'll see the barrier algorithm terminate in the CPLEX log. If your problem has a single ...


Running the C# version with or-tools master "/usr/local/share/dotnet/dotnet" run --no-build --project examples/tests/wrong_solution_flex_sat.csproj [[[[3, (0, 1)],[1, (1, 2)],[5, (2, 3)]],[[2, (3, 4)], [4, (1, 2)], [6, (2, 3)]], [[2, (0, 1)], [3, (1, 2)], [1, (2, 3)]]],[[[2, (0, 1)], [3, (1, 2)], [4, (2, 3)]], [[1, (0, 1)], [5, (1, 2)], [4, (2, 3)]...


A few hours after posting my question here I found a concept I was not familiar with called channelling : I used it for my needs and it seems to works. I find a bit odd the way I set my variable b, but anyway... For those it can help, my code now looks like : var DiffList = new ...


1 constraint on 1 job wasn't applied on code 2 because sketchy implementation of a if statement. Fixed it and updated the code on GitHub for people who need smtg similar.

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