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For questions that refer to optimization instances used for testing or benchmarking algorithms and software packages.

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How to generate random connected planar graph?

I was trying to generate random connected planar graph for dome numerical experiment of some transportation problem. I have three types of nodes: supply, transshipment and demand. I have the number of ...
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Kim et al.'s (2006) waste collection VRP-IF

I cannot find a link for the instances of Kim et al.'s (2006) waste collection VRP-IF. The link mentioned in the paper and the ...
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What are some important real life examples of multi objective optimization problem with box constraints to work on?

In the search of some of the important cutting edge many objective optimization problems to be solved using non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm (NSGA) and its variants.
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Optimization model testing tooling: likes, dislikes, and wishes

We’re [1] in the thick of building out a testing suite for decision models, starting with a focus on route optimization. There are several angles we care about [2] and are considering: unit testing, ...
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How to generate hard instances for number partitioning?

I am trying to compare the performance of some algorithms for multiway number partitioning. I run them on randm instances that I generate with Python's numpy: ...
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Difference between Solomon's problem instances

I am in the process of solving the VRP and I have a set of Solomon test instances to test my program. I actually found a test set with C101, C102, ..., ...
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GAMS: Is there a way to retrieve the gap from the final solve statement

Good evening, I am looking for a way to retrieve information from the final solve statement. Lower bound and Gap would be nice. I am working with the python api but i can only get the final obj. value ...
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GAMS CPLEX solver solves big problem instances suspiciously fast

I am having trouble with my Problem Instances, which seem to be not "complicated" enough.. Is there a way to find out what the problem is? It is being solved in a matter of seconds even if ...
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How can one iterate over all instances and solve them in GAMS?

I wrote my model down in GAMS: all sets parameter obj. function constraints and used $include in order to feed the model differently sized data... I am currently using ...
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How to automatize instance generation for GAMS?

Gams problem instances can be saved in a .inc file what is basically just a .txt file and u can make gams read from that, but how can i automatize the generation process for those problem instances? I ...
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Is there a library of infeasible MINLP problems?

We have a number of test libraries to test solver performance like MINLPLIB, QPLIB, etc., but the problems in all libraries I know are overwhelmingly on the feasible side. Is there a library to test ...
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Small Traveling Salesman Problem instance

The Traveling Salesman Problem is perhaps the most studied of all combinatorial optimization problems. There has been a lot work in solving TSP instances to provable optimality. Concorde solves very ...
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Optimization Problem Libraries

Can someone please make a list of optimization problem libraries so that the community can add to and refine it? I know a few off the top of my head.
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Benchmark problems for scenario-based stochastic optimization

$\newcommand{\E}{\mathbb{E}}$I am working on numerical algorithms for solving convex large-scale multistage scenario-based problems and I am looking for some standard benchmarks problems. I have so ...
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Where can I find test instances for convex quadratic programming?

I am looking for (sources of) convex quadratic programming instances with linear constraints. I am open for both continuous and mixed integer problems, but do not want randomly generated instances. ...
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