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For questions about the definition or meaning of terms used within Operations Research. Do not use this tag for questions about notation.

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What are common and not so common abbreviations in Operations Research?

Many abbreviations are used in Operations Research. For example, we have abbreviations for problem classes (LP, MIP), solution methods (IPM), and specific problems (TSP, VRP). Which abbreviations are ...
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What is quadratization?

In the context of discrete optimization, what exactly does it mean to "quadratize" a function? The term seems to be used mainly by operations researchers, in my experience.
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Optimization terminology: "Exact" v. "Approximate"

In optimization literature, I frequently see solution methods termed "exact" or "approximate". (I use the term "method" here because I suspect exactness, or its lack, is a function of both algorithm ...
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Has the expressibility of 'non-integrality testing' as extension to MILP been studied before?

It turns out that extending MILP with any of the constraints $y=\lfloor x\rfloor$, $y=\lceil x\rceil$, $0 < x$, or $x\notin \mathbb{Z}$ is 'equally hard'. (see my answer here, and below) ...
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"Partial" Lagrangian Dual in LP

Consider the optimization problem \begin{align}\label{opt-lp}\tag{Primal} \begin{array}{cl} \underset{x \in \mathbb{R}^n}{\text{minimize}} & c^\top x \\ \text{subject to} & Ax = a \\ & Bx =...
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Is there a name for this type of integer programming?

Let $x_i$ be a decision variable, and let $c_i$ be the coefficient for the decision variable $x_i$. An integer programming problem is where the goal is to: $\text{maximize} \quad \sum_i c_ix_i$ $\text{...
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