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Simplest Quadratic Programming algorithm for teaching

Can anyone recommend a straightforward quadratic programming (QP) algorithm suitable for an undergraduate engineering class? I'm interested in finding an algorithm that they can easily grasp and ...
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A repository of optimization problems for educational purposes?

Is someone maintaining a repository of optimization problems for practice or homework problems? I've been talking to a few people lately who are working on building links between academia and industry....
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Practical, Short example of Mixed Integer Conic Program

Mixed Integer Conic Programs is a family of Mixed Integer Programs which are convex in all non integer variables. I am giving presentation on Mixed Integer technology. A large part of the presentation ...
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Naturally branch-and-cuttable problems with high didactic value

I am willing to bet that the problem most often used to teach students about branch-and-cut is the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP). It has a number of nice characteristics which make it appropriate ...
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Alternatives for real-world data collection in simulation courses for Fall 2020

I teach a discrete-event system simulation course in Fall 2020. As with most DES simulation courses, students have term projects that involve gathering real-world data and building stochastic input ...
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Tips on How to Review Operations Research Literature Effectively?

As part of our department Ph.D. research methodology course, I'm going to give a short online lecture on how to review the literature effectively. As the course organizer asked us to focus on our own ...
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Intuition behind more-for-less transportation paradox?

In this post, it was asked to describe counter intuitive results in the field of operations research. Among the answers came up the more-for-less transportation paradox. In essence, this paradox in ...
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Case Studies and Real Problems for Teaching Optimization and Modelling

It is that dreadful time of the year when I am prepping classes and over the last few terms I came to the realization that I need to significantly beef up the practice-oriented content of my lectures. ...
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Counter-intuitive results in OR

When teaching introductory OR courses I have often found that presenting counter-intuitive or paradox-like results is a great eye-opener for the students. I use these examples and results as a ...
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