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Questions tagged [statistics]

A catchall for questions related to the statistical sciences, including those about statistical inference, machine learning, probability, and applied statistics.

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Evaluate performance values following probability distributions in MCDM

If I have MCDM problems with performance values as "random variables", for instance, one value for object $A$ follows $\mathcal{N}(60,100)$ and the same criterion value for object $B$ ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Normal approximation of Poisson distribution

I am fairly new to statistics. I am working on a list of items in stochastic vehicle routing problem with Poisson distribution and I need to do a normal approximation. I read a paper with the ...
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4 votes
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Is this weighted feedback concept a known, solved, problem?

Imagine a fairly standard Thumbs Up/Down feedback system. For each piece of content they consume, every user has the ability to give a binary positive/negative feedback that piece of content. They're ...
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Interplay of OR and Statistics Research

I saw some posts like this so I figured I would start my own. What are some interesting papers in OR that are related to, or even develop, the theory of statistical inference? What are some of the ...
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Recommendations on Operations Statistics/Analytics Approaches/Materials

I'm an operations data analyst. I was wondering if I can get recommendations on books/videos on statistical models specific to optimizing business operations through analytics and statistical modeling....
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