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Questions tagged [software]

For questions related to commercial or open-source computer software used for operations research problems.

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25 votes
7 answers

List of Implementations for common OR problems

For the TSP there famously is the concord solver ( which is argubly the fastest exact solver for the TSP. There are many other problems that also show ...
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Are programming languages necessary/useful for operations research practitioner?

This semester I will start teaching Programming in Python to Master students in Supply Chain Management. I would like to start the first lesson with "Why learning programming languages will be useful ...
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29 votes
4 answers

How to avoid having your optimization models rusting?

When designing optimization models for external organizations, I have witnessed the following: We design an optimization model for a given problem. We fine-tune it based on a portfolio of ...
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14 votes
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OR Software Forums

A list of OR Software forums would be nice. Can someone import the list of OR Software forums from the (now) read-only OR Exchange at ? ...
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13 votes
7 answers

Are there reusable formulations/heuristics shared with the community?

There aren't many examples of reusable functionality shared as a result of research or commercial software development. Has anyone come across any? Here is one I just learned of:
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3 answers

How to choose an architecture for an OR web app and how to learn the tech stack associated?

After carefully reading the answers to my previous post I decided to opt for developing and deploying an app as a web service. I watched a talk on optimization apps. It suggests using the following ...
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1 answer

QA techniques for optimization problem coding

I often spend much, much, more time QAing and debugging my code than I do actually writing the optimization problem or shaping my data. Are there any tools or techniques to make it easier? I am asking ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Java source code for branch and price

Is there any Java source code (or framework) to implement and solve MILP using the branch and price method? AFAIK, jORLib is a framework to implement B&P using Java, but it does not have any ...
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Downloading and setting up CPLEX for Pyomo

I have just installed Anaconda and am intending to use Spyder as it is able to display variable, parameter values for debugging. After which, I am planning to use Pyomo to code my MIP model and invoke ...
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