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For questions related to the set covering problem. Having a set of elements, S, and a collection of sets whose union equals S, the set covering problem tries to identify the smallest sub-collection of sets whose union equals S.

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Adjusting duals heuristically

I am solving a scheduling problem-to find shifts and task schedules- using column generation. In essence, it is a set covering problem with additional constraints. The problem seems to be that the ...
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Examples for a kind of "set family hitting" problem

Given a ground set, say $[n]=\{1,2,\dots,n\}$, and a collection of subset families $\mathcal F_i\subseteq 2^{[n]}$, $i=1,2,\dots,m$, I want to select $m$ sets $B_i\in\mathcal F_i$ such that the ...
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On solving the Restricted Master Problem in Column Generation technique

I am working on developing a column generation (CG) based optimization framework for a large-scale airline crew pairing problem (a set-covering problem). First, I generate an initial feasible solution ...
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Shortest (undirected) path constrained to a sub-set of nodes

I expect this to be an NP-complete problem, as it may reduce to the Hamiltonian Path problem. Anyway, I was wondering whether there exists some study and (aproximated) solutions for this particular ...
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Is this a common generalization of the independent set problem?

Suppose a minimum weighted independent set in a conflict graph with $n$ vertices. The basic version is where each vertex $i$ is associated with a weight $c_i$. i.e., there is a vector $C$ for the ...
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Complexity of cardinality constrained maximum weight independent set problem

Given a graph with a set of nodes and edges, the goal of the maximum independent set problem is to find the maximum number of vertices where no two vertices are adjacent. This is well-known NP-hard ...
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Set Partitioning Formulation of PDPTW

I am studying a paper on a Pickup Dropoff Problem with Time Window ( ). The three index formulation is straightforward. The formulation is ...
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Set Covering and Column Generation

I need some set covering and column generation examples in OR-Tools python. If anyone can provide or direct me to some resources that would be great..!
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