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CP sat solver approach for task assignment with pre defined task start end times

I spent some time trying to clarify the problem more succinctly. I has a set of fixed tasks which are of a certain type/category and which can be allocated to a set of workers. The tasks have ...
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1 answer

"Complex" scheduling problem model structure

So, I'm modelling a job assigning problem in OR-Tools CP-SAT. I want to maximize rescheduled jobs based on some constraints. Right now jobs in my model look like this: ...
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2 answers

Does a modeling language that generates SAT instances exist?

Nowadays, we enjoy the expressivity of modern modeling languages. However, does it exists a modeling language that takes in input a declarative problem definition (like AMPL or MiniZinc, or similar),...
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Extracting CNF representation of my problem from SAT solver

As I know, any SAT solver such as or-tools or cplex cp optimizer converts a given problem to CNF form in the first place. Is it possible to extract the resulting CNF representation from or-tools or ...
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