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Reformulate bilinear binary constraint

I'm a solving a model that has the following constraint: $$ c_{p,n} = \sum_{s\in S}\sum_{i \in \{1,2,3\} } x_{p,s,i-1} x_{n,s,i}, \forall (p,n) \in C $$ where both the $c$ and $x$ variables are binary,...
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Is it useful to consider metaheuristics for power flow optimization involving binary variables?

I want to optimize the power flow in a low voltage grid, with respect to customer requests for electric vehicle (EV) charging, but also avoid grid overload (basically, the formulation can be seen in ...
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Runtimes for benchmarking

For a study, I need to make runs to evaluate and compare performance of various models. To evaluate them I need to obtain their running times. I wonder if there is a rule to when to start and end ...
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Gurobi solver with multiprocessing does not reduce total solving time

Problem I use the syntax of gurobi with multiprocessing to solve multiple problems in parallel. Even though multiple problems are solved concurrently, the solving time for a single problem increases ...
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Accelerating an integer programming model

I am working on a scheduling problem, where I am solving it through column generation. The pricing problem of this algorithm is an integer programming model as follows: \begin{equation} F_1 \Big\{V^...
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It takes a long time to solve excel gurobi-opensolver - is this normal?

The problem I have made associated with OpenSolver and Gurobi takes about 50 minutes to solve, is this normal? It has approximately 365 variables with upper and lower bands, the peculiarity is that ...
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studies to determine how much customers can wait to get outputs from a real time optimization model

I am building a web-based tool that needs to take input from the user and run an optimization model on a server and display results back on the webpage. Currently it is a MIP formulation solved using ...
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Add Variables in Bulk for ortools

I am using the Python ortools to solve large LPs where the number of variables and constraints are in the hundred thousands ($10^5$). Surprisingly, it takes longer ...
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How to simulate computational execution time?

I am working with some computational experiments with an Integer Programming (IP) formulation over a well-known set of instances from the literature of my problem. And I would like to compare my ...
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Why does the getTime() function from cplex concert returns wrong value?

I am running a MILP formulation (implemented in C++) with the Cplex Concert Technology 12.10, and I am trying to get the total elapsed time. So till the moment, I have tried three approaches: Be ...
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