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What are some good references of OR techniques applied to revenue management?

For teaching purposes, I am looking for some nice examples of revenue management problems which are tackled with optimization techniques, ideally linear programming (including MIPs). For example, this ...
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Airline revenue management re-solving problem

I am considering a bid prices (shadow price of the capacity constraint) problem (from Chen, L. and Homem-de Mello, T. (2009)., page 14) where the acceptable classes for booking requests for ...
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If $F$ is MHR (log-concave), can the monopoly reserve price exceed the mean?

Let $V\sim F$ be some positive valued random variable such that $F$ has a monotone hazard rate (alternatively $F$ is log-concave). Let $p = \operatorname{argmax}q(1-F(q))$. We call $p$ the monopoly ...
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What is the best way to read papers in OR/MS field?

I am a Ph.D. student in management science and I am interested in Dynamic Pricing. I need to define some problems and work on them as my thesis Most papers in this field are full of complicated proofs ...
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dynamic pricing considering competitor's price

Let's say an online-only retailer (specialized market/without own brand) trying to play with the price of the product. If only matching amazon's price, it might end up not making much profit, since ...
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