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Questions tagged [reinforcement-learning]

For questions related to reinforcement learning, a type of machine learning algorithm in which a computerized agent learns through experimentation how to optimize its actions in an environment to maximize its reward.

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Convergence of an approximate DP for a stochastic shortest path problem

I'm new to the field of sequential decision making. I got intrigued by a stochastic shortest path problem, described in Chapter 5 of this book by W. Powell. Consider the following stochastic shortest ...
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Optimal spending of cash problem

I have often wondered whether there is an optimal way to spend cash denominations. For example: Suppose that Bob needs to pay Jill \$5, Jane \$10, Billy \$3.50 and John \$45.75. Furthermore suppose ...
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Multicollinearity w.r.t decisions in optimal control/reinforcement learning learning/resource allocation problem

Consider the following optimization/control problem: We aim to maximize the cumulative reward $R$ during the horizon $H$ by every day allocating a portion of total budget $B$ to our two different ...
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Rule set optimization

My question is with regards to a research topic: Rule-set optimization []. If one were to use rule-set optimization for fraud detection. ...
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Reinforcement learning for a Assignment Problem

I was just wondering if it is technically possible to solve a general assignment problem using reinforcement learning? You could use the inverted objective function as a reward function, right? Have ...
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Resource allocation problem - RL or stochastic optimization?

I am currently working on a resource allocation problem and I am uncertain about which field of stochastic optimization and reinforcement learning encompasses this particular problem. The objective is ...
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Creating a simple class in python for doing simulation of MDP

I am currently learning Python and doing object-oriented programming. I am trying to create a simulation for MDP. My problem statement is: "I have four stages of process. Each stage has two ...
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