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Why does PuLP call copy for addition and how can I avoid it?

Using a for loop to append terms to an expression seems to be much faster than summing a group of terms all at once. Constructing the expression using a for loop uses __iadd__, which does not include ...
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PuLP Python: How to linearize an inequality involving an integer variable

I am working on a Copper payables problem where the objective function is to maximise the sum of copper payable over a time period, T. The total amount of payable tonnes i.e. what the customer will ...
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How can I see the engine log when solving a LP using pulp (python)?

I wonder which command should I use to see how the steps the pulp solver is doing when solving a linear program.
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Constraint equivalence in PuLP

I'm working on an optimization problem in PuLP and I have to enforce a daily minimum of shifts and a daily maximum of assigned shifts. I have the following constraints to ensure each day has a minimum ...
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Seeking help in pulp scheduling problem

I have successfully implemented a program where I allocate N truck drivers to M gathering hubs for each one of the days of the ...
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Problem of optimal solution generated with Pulp

I'm trying to use Pulp to solve VRP problem. Here is the model: ...
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Profit Optimization in Python with Difficult Constraints to Maximize Net Revenue

I am currently trying to work on this problem that determines the best constraints on how to place these 'bids'- please see the second column in the screenshot: The ask at hand is to uncover a model ...
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Resource constrained LP problem

I am working on Diet Allocation problem. Where we need to provide food piece for protein deficiency. The data is as below: ...
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Detect presolve status in pulp model

Hi I am running a model using pulp CBC and have few constraints in the model that may make the model infeasible if wrong input is given to the model. I can see while my model runs that in case of ...
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