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Questions relevant to the PuLP modelling framework in Python

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How to generate multiple solutions to linear program in Python?

I recently posted a question here where I had written some Pyomo code to solve a simple linear program, however I feel the Operations Research platform is perhaps a better fit for this question. My ...
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Mixed Integer programming - Problem modelling coincidence restriction in scheduling match problem

I am trying to model and solve a problem for maximize audience of matches that must be scheduled in different slots (I am using python PulP library). Below I explain the problem and the model process ...
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Advanced Heuristics for MIP vehicle routing problem in PuLP

I am currently trying to speed up an MIP. An approach I was considering was to implement a cut callback heuristic with PuLP (one which rounds relaxed integer variables greater than .9 to 1). ...
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How to call HiGHS solver from python PuLP MIP?

I have a large MIP built with PuLP in python, and want to utilize the HiGHS Solver. However, PuLP does not have the option to use HiGHS as a solver. One option I am aware of would be to use PuLP to ...
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Representing Date Variables in Pulp

I am working on an optimisation problem that involves minimising shipping demurrage. I am struggling to model how to represent the difference, (x-y) between dates where the ship is ready to be loaded ...
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Pulp Python: How to formulate a time-based variable for shipping demurrage

I am working on a shipping optimisation problem that aims to minimise demurrage charges as a result of low/insufficient inventory. I have daily vessel requirement (sales) data in the format ...
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