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Confusion with Expected Queue Length (Lq) Formulas for M/M/s Model in Queuing theory

I have found two formulas for Expected Queue Length $L_q$ for the M/M/s model regarding Queuing Theory, namely: Found inside the "Introduction to the Operations Research" book made by ...
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Successive approximation in negative dynamic programming

I am studying Stochastic Dynamic Programming using Sheldon Ross's book, "Introduction to Stochastic Dynamic Programming." In the book, Ross defines a dynamic programming algorithm to ...
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Proving the Validity of a Given Inequality Involving Ratios of $p$ and $q$

Consider the following inequality: $$\left(\frac{p}{1-q}\right)^p \geq \left(\frac{q}{1-p}\right)^{1-p}$$ where $0<p, q< 1$ and $p+q<1$. I am trying to show that the following inequality ...
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bilinear problem proof for NP-completeness of degeneracy check

In the paper "Some NP-complete problems in linear programming" (, there are several proofs given to show that testing for degeneracy in LPs is NP-...
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Light weight proof of strong duality in linear programming

For teaching purposes, I believe it can be good to use very light-weight proofs of deep results, as it often answers the question "why is it true" better than other types of proofs. By "...
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