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Theory of Contraints Technical Reference

I have dived into Theory of Constraints by reading The Goal, It's Not Luck, Isn't it Obvious, and Critical Chain. I am currently reading Goldratt's Rules of Flow. While I enjoy these short novels, ...
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Production scheduling

I'm formulating a scheduling problem with the following decision variables: $$X_t \space \text{is power sold to market in time period t} \\ Y_t \space \text{is power used for production in time period ...
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Enforce Changeover Constraints in Production Scheduling

I'm building a production scheduling optimization model (but not exactly a jobshop, so I can't just use OR tools). I have decision variables for both the start time of each job, and the duration. ...
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Assembly line balancing: What does machine precedence mean?

I am looking at the looking at the following classical integer programming model for assembly line balancing: R.R.Vemuganti's "Applications of Set Covering, Set Packing and Set Partitioning ...
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Why are these constraint equations equal?

If we consider the dynamic lot sizing problem with: $d_i$ as the demand per period $i$ and denote $\sum_{i=1}^t d_i$ being the total demand up to period $t$, where $t$ can take values $1, \dots, T$ ...
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Minimizing cost of transportation and storage of items

I am looking for an optimization algorithm to minimize the cost of transportation and storage cost in warehouse. Let's assume the following table gives us the weekly forecast of Demand. ...
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Relation between order quantity and average cycle stock

Annual demand: $1000$ units Unit cost: $5$ dollars Company replenishes the inventory two times per year. Average Cycle Stock: $300$ I am asked to compare average cycle stock with number of ...
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Production maximization problem

I have the following simplified problem, which I think it is a maximization problem with multiple options, constraints, and a time factor: Factory A, initial number known (e.g. 8), cost 11000, ...
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