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For questions related to probability distributions, functions that relate a given value to the likelihood that a random variable will take that value.

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Loss functions for specific probability distributions?

For a random variable $X$ with pdf $f(x)$, the loss function* is defined as $$n(x) = \mathbb{E}[(X-x)^+] = \int_{x}^\infty (y-x)f(y)dy,$$ where $a^+ = \max\{a,0\}$. Or, for a discrete distribution, $...
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Safety stock for log-normal distribution demand

I came across this example on how to model your lead time demand as a log-normal distribution and calculate the safety stock.
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12 votes
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Normal demand and normal lead time; is lead-time demand normal?

In a continuous-review $(r,Q)$ inventory system under a type-1 service level constraint, if the demand per unit time is distributed as $N(\mu,\sigma^2)$ and the lead time, $L$, is a constant, then the ...
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