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Question about Pricing Problem in Column Generation

In column generation, we need to solve the following pricing problem : $$\min c_j-\bf{c}^T_B\bf{B}^{-1}\bf{N}_j$$ In the book, I saw authors say that according to duality theory, $\bf{y}^T = \bf{c}^...
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Can one strengthen the Lagrangian dual bound in column generation when there are multiple subproblems?

Consider a Linear Programme (LP) \begin{align} \min && \sum_{i \in I} c_i x_i \\ \text{s.t.} && \sum_{i \in I} a_{ij} x_i &\geq b_j & \quad & \forall j \in J \\ && ...
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Interpret the formulation of a pricing model in crowdshipping

I am trying to run the pricing model from the paper "Designing pricing and compensation schemes by integrating matching and routing models for crowd-shipping systems" on python with Gurobi, ...
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Electricity market clearing price using fixed-MIP formulation?

Dual information of electricity markets clearing problem is required to calculate the marginal clearing price. As most electricity market problems are based on MIP (and dual information of MIP is not ...
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If $F$ is MHR (log-concave), can the monopoly reserve price exceed the mean?

Let $V\sim F$ be some positive valued random variable such that $F$ has a monotone hazard rate (alternatively $F$ is log-concave). Let $p = \operatorname{argmax}q(1-F(q))$. We call $p$ the monopoly ...
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Determine set of "arbitrage-free" regional prices

I am seeking for a way how to determine set of "arbitrage-free" regional prices for a single commodity market. There are $N>1$ production units with costs $C^{prod}_i, i=1,\dots,N$ and ...
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dynamic pricing considering competitor's price

Let's say an online-only retailer (specialized market/without own brand) trying to play with the price of the product. If only matching amazon's price, it might end up not making much profit, since ...
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