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How Widespread Is the Application of MDPs in Medical Decision Making?

I'm curious about the current prevalence of Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) in medical decision-making. I've seen several research papers on this topic but was unable to find evidence of real-world ...
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How to reduce the risk of wrong modelling in OR industry projects?

In my experience many OR Industry projects contains at least one person with background in OR (who is not familiar with the technical background) and at least one person from industry with the ...
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How would you characterize "optimization data?"

We often hear that in practice, not enough data of sufficient quality, consistency, recency, etc. is available for feeding into mathematical optimization models. Example: my university wanted to plan/...
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Are there any COVID-19 (coronavirus) related optimization problems with input datasets that we can "crowd solve"?

Is anyone aware of a medicine/vaccine related challenges with a good problem definition and some available input datasets, ideally related to COVID-19? What kind of constraint solving challenges would ...
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Sources to learn about Sample Average Approximation for practitioners

I want to start learning Stochastic Programming, beginning with SAA (Sample Average Approximation) and keeping a practitioner's perspective in mind, i.e. I would like my sources to collectively cover ...
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What are best practices to make optimization user interfaces intuitive for the user?

For many operations research applications a user will often be in charge of making the final decision and will use the optimization algorithms software as a part of their planning flow. Therefore, ...
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