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Questions tagged [polyhedra]

For questions on the set of points that satisfy a finite set of linear inequalities.

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13 votes
3 answers

How to find all vertices of a polyhedron

I have a convex polyhedron given by a set of linear inequalities, for example: $$ x_1 \geq 0,~~ x_2 \geq 0, ~~x_3\geq 0 \\ x_1+x_2\leq 1,~~ x_2+x_3\leq 1,~~ x_3+x_1\leq 1 $$ I want to list all the ...
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25 votes
6 answers

How to compare two different formulations of a problem?

I somewhat know how to compare two MILP formulations of a problem that both use the same set of decision variables (as in the classical MTZ vs DFJ formulations of the TSP). I was wondering how two ...
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