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Questions tagged [parallel-computing]

In parallel computing a computational task is typically broken down into many sub-tasks that can be processed independently and whose results are combined upon completion. It is also called multiprocessing. In serial computing a single core multitasks all or part of a series of instructions for a short period of time before switching to another task, giving the appearance of all the tasks running simultaneously even though they run one at a time.

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3 answers

CPLEX, number of threads and solving time

Using CPLEX via its Python API, I encountered a "weird" behavior. For some instances, with a limited number of threads (10 in my tests), the instances cannot be solved after 10 days (afterwards, the ...
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Which GPUs to get for Mathematical Optimization (if any)?

The Machine Learning community has largely benefited from modern GPUs and several large companies are investing in new dedicated hardware. Unfortunately, academic and commercial mathematical ...
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