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How do I convert Integer Programming to Constraint programming?

/********************************************* OPL Model Author: Shahrukh Creation Date: 10-Apr-2024 at 11:55:50 PM The podrace tournament involves n competitors (where n is even) who all ...
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Solving a Variant of Bin Packing

We have a set of bins that are partitioned into fixed blocks of size $S = \{S_1, S_2, \ldots S_n\}$, and the items are all of sizes from $S$. An item can be allocated to a bin partition if the size of ...
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Grouping of a list of elements in fixed order to maximize the total return of all the groups

I'd like to ask about if there's an existing type of problems that fits to my question. (Searching it for a while but cannot get to the point) Basic Problem Description: Given a sequenced list (order ...
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2D bin packing where some items must be packed in the same bin?

I am solving a 2D bin packing problem, however, there is an additional constraint where some items must be in the same bin. The problem is at industry scale (up to 1000 items and ~200 bins of ...
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Effective methods for solving the assignment and packing problem

There are $m$ items to be allocated into $n$ bins. The profit generated by placing the $i$-th item into the $j$-th bin is $c_{ij}$, and the service level is $s_{ij}$. A allocation scheme is required ...
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Optimization for a capacity problem

I have a csv file with a table with 5 columns: dueDateTime, cover, phone, simcard, tablet. This file has the amount of items for cover, phone, simcard, tablet. I have the size of the items: we have ...
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Best way to approach box stacking problem

I am brain storming the best way to approach the following problem. Problem: Load 100 given boxes of different types into the fewest number of trucks as possible, with the following details. 10 types ...
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Exact algorithms for a bin packing problem

There is a one-dimensional bin-packing problem. There is a collection of items that need to be divided into several groups, with a maximum of M items per group. Each item includes several characters, ...
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Order fulfilment with constraints on factory production capacity and truckload

I have about 300 orders, where each order consists of different products that comes from a city (in total I have about 30 cities and around 100 products from all orders). My job is to allocate the ...
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Packing a number of unequal circles in a rectangle

Given the dimension of a rectangle and the radii of n unequal circles, how can I decide if these circles can fit in the rectangle? I don't know if there is a formula to compute such a thing! The ...
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Np-hard sequencing or packing problems with total ordering between elements

I would like to know if anyone is aware of any Np-hard problems in scheduling or packing where there is total ordering between tasks or items to be packed together. The objective can be anything. For ...
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How to model this user packing problem?

I have a system with $N$ resources. There are $K$ users in the system demanding these resources. The demand of resources for a given user $k$, $d_k$ follows $d_k\in\{1,3,6\}$ The constraints for this ...
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What kind of packing problem is this?

I have the following problem which seems related to the packing problem. I have a grid of same size rectangles and a polygon on which this grid of rectangles needs to be placed such that the number of ...
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Name for this ILP problem type

I am considering automating testing of down-stream testing of packages that depend on other packages. There are test sets $T_1,\ ..., T_n$ which can be tested or not tested, which each have a time ...
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