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What is the purpose of libraries like Pyomo and Google OR tools?

I'm new to the OR world, and trying to learn the various tools available. I originally thought that Pyomo and Google OR tools were open source alternatives to commercial solvers like Gurobi or CPLEX. ...
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Force gaps between tasks, tasks are scheduled within their job's time windows in Jobshop problem

The problem I'm trying to solve is a modification of the original Jobshop problem. The additional constraints are: There is only one machine for all jobs and their tasks. Each job has a priority (...
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Google OR Tools: Iterative Assignment Problem

This question is a Google OR-Tools specific implementation of recommendation from a previous question. In short, the movie theater problem encompasses assigning viewers to seats such that the distance ...
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Mixed Integer Programming: Iterative assignment problem

I have a real world problem, which is analogous to the below toy problem, which I call 'The Movie Theater Problem' (TMTP.) In TMTP, movie viewers are assigned seats which principally balances two ...
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Google - OR tools for workforce scheduling problems

Has anyone used the google OR tools in python to solve the workforce scheduling problem. Can you please let me know Advantages and Disadvantages Any issues faced during usage and implementation
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OR-TOOLS : delivery node with multiple possible pickup nodes

I am using ortools to model a VRP with pickup and delivery constraints, where pickups can be done at different nodes. For example, if node A has a demand, it must be picked at node B or C. Here is how ...
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Using VRPy and OR-tools in Python to solve the DCVRP

This question is a follow-up to this one. Since I understand the complexity of the problem I have been underestimating, I turned my attention to off-the-shelf solvers, like VRPy and OR-tools. I would ...
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Travelling salesman problem variant without returning to the starting point

I tried the code provided on the link : The actual requirement is to traverse all paths without returning to the start point with minimum ...
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Extracting CNF representation of my problem from SAT solver

As I know, any SAT solver such as or-tools or cplex cp optimizer converts a given problem to CNF form in the first place. Is it possible to extract the resulting CNF representation from or-tools or ...
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CP-SAT solver doesn't use all space available for scheduling

This problem is a continuation of this problem. The issue here is the solver doesn't use the whole space available for the scheduling and thus some jobs are not being scheduled. For example: we need ...
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A specific case of a resource constrained project scheduling problem with partially renewable resources (RCPSP/$\pi$) - OR-Tools

I've been trying solve a specific case of the resource constrained project scheduling problem with partially renewable resources (RCPSP/$\pi$ in the literature e.g. this paper). These resources are ...
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(OR-Tools) Custom Function to Evaluate Intermediate Solutons

I have a system with $k$ tasks, where each task is a state in a Markov chain. I am working on allocating agents to each task. I would like to achieve a specific distribution of the agents among these ...
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Mixed Integer Programming - Model Formulation for A Resource Allocation Problem

There are a number of orders, which needs to be shipped. For each order, there may be 1 to 3 route options. The problem here is to find out the best allocation (combination) of orders among these ...
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