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Questions pertaining to career paths in operations research.

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Seeking Career Advice for Developing Operations Research Knowledge Without Formal Academic Background

I am seeking some career advice regarding my current position as an Operations Research Analyst. I have been working in this role for three years, but I lack a formal academic background in Operations ...
4 votes
3 answers

How to get paid for operations research skills?

Maybe this is a weird question for Operations Research SE, but I seek to get paid for my operations research skills while working remotely. I already have accounts on freelancing websites. However, I ...
1 vote
4 answers

How to distinguish between the different roles / titles in industry?

I have been working in the data science and operations research industry for a while now. Since about 2.5 years, I work in the IT department of a startup and my role is fully focussed on putting ...
17 votes
5 answers

How to find an internship in OR/Optimization?

I am a master student in operations research with a specialization in operations research. To get my degree, I need to have a 6-month internship (from March to September). I am preparing my CV and I ...
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0 answers

Resources on the soft aspects of modelling

Usually, the modeling involves those steps : Fuzzy Description ----(1)----> Clearer Description -----(2)-----> Mathematical model. Of course, it's not linear and a lot of iteration and re-...
11 votes
6 answers

How can I do the jump from academia to industry?

While looking through the job offerings, I noticed that everybody seems to be looking for experienced professionals, senior engineers, or at least three years of industry experience. Was this just a ...
4 votes
1 answer

How to find advice for OR career?

It's been a few years since I graduated from university with an engineering MSc degree, during which I focussed a lot on OR and quantitative techniques for mobility and logistics problems. Right after ...
4 votes
2 answers

Is it possible to switch between industry and academe?

Are there any good examples of people successfully switching between industry and academe after their PhD? If so, what were factors contributing to their success? What are things, that close that door ...
6 votes
3 answers

How to improve the quality of code in OR?

So I noticed, that a lot of students taking OR-classes come from non-computer science backgrounds (e.g. buissiness administration). They typically had only one other class in their first semester ...
28 votes
6 answers

How can I deal with non-operations research managers?

I am doing an internship in a company. The aim is to solve scheduling problems in the industry (a variant of the resource-constrained project scheduling problem). By the end of the internship, they ...
16 votes
4 answers

What are the most-used technical skills in OR?

Apart from: modeling, "coding" the model and using an open source/commercial solver Implementing an approximation method (metaheuristics, greedy, etc.) Implementing exact methods (dynamic ...