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How to achieve recording the change of objective or primal gap in solving MILP by SCIP?

I am a solver beginner, would like to ask you how to call the solver to achieve second-level recording, as documented in many articles, as shown below.
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Calculating optimality gap when denominator goes to zero

Using an optimality gap formula that calculates an average over large sets of instances is a common practice to assess the efficiency of an algorithm. The widely-used formula employed by CPLEX is: |...
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What exactly is the optimality-gap or what does it say in integer linear programming?

I am working since a few months with gurobi and did figure out, that the gap says how far a feasible solutions is away from the optimal solution. However, what does say it exactly? The gurobi docs ...
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LocalSolver at 100% Gap

Can somebody help me with Localsolver? I have installed the academic license and want to solve Split Delivery VRP. I'm using the same model as seen in the website here and using the same instances too ...
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Pyomo mipgap status monitoring

Is there a way to monitor the value of the mipgap while running an optimization model Pyomo? I would like to know how far I am from the optimality gap. Here is my ...
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Does a pre-calculated lower bound of an MILP problem help?

I have an MILP model, say $$ \begin{array}{rl} \mbox{minimize} &f_1(x) + f_2(x)\\ \mbox{subject to} &x\in X \end{array} $$ which is hard to solve. And I find it simple to solve the two ...
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What is an acceptable gap for a lower-bound?

Based on your experience, I want to know what is called an acceptable lower-bound. I know it can be different based on the problem. For example, is 5% is an acceptable lower-bound gap for VRPTW? By ...
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